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TeXPage Releases #

2023-09-28 #

  1. Default output PDF with using the latex compiler.
  2. Support uplatex.

2023-09-12 #

  1. Optimize the speed of uploading project zip files.
  2. Enhance the stability of collaborative editing without closing the page for a long period of time.
  3. Fix auto-completer bug with an extra } in some cases.
  4. Fix a bug that caused websockets to disconnect when downloading files.
  5. Disable the syntax checking that comes with your browser.

2023-08-18 #

  1. Double-click on LaTeX code to jump to PDF location feature supports on/off.
  2. Uploading files supports overwriting.
  3. Optimize LaTeX code auto indentation.
  4. The All New Math Tool launched with support for shortcut input.

2023-08-09 #

  1. Add the feature of Project History to record the history of all files within the project, and support undo.
  2. Refactoring the Word Cound feature to count words more accurately.
  3. Add project transfer feature to automatically migrate all key data in a project.
  4. Add move to folder feature and support drag and drop to move files.
  5. Optimize the “Last Open at” in the project list to “Last Modified”.
  6. Optimize the clear compilation cache feature.
  7. Optimize uploading and downloading speeds.
  8. Optimize syntax highlighting of .bib files.
  9. Optimize the check rule of version name, support input non-Latin characters.
  10. Optimize the selection style for dark themes in the editor.
  11. Optimize the issue of input lag when there are more compilation logs.
  12. Optimize the compilation speed of lualatex.
  13. Fix the bug that Ctrl/Cmd + d cannot delete the first line.
  14. Fix the bug of file name conflicts when creating files between different versions.
  15. Fix the bug that the standalone PDF preview tab page cannot trigger the automatic jump to the relative LaTeX code location.

2023-06-15 #

  1. Asynchronous collaboration is launched. Learn more.
  2. Optimize the logic for handling co-editing conflicts.

2023-06-05 #

  1. Optimize the processing speed of large documents.
  2. Optimize compile task scheduling efficiency.
  3. Priority compilation for VIP users.

2023-05-15 #

  1. Add drag-and-drop area for drag-and-drop file upload.
  2. Show the number of review records of currently opened files at the review button.
  3. Fix the bug that items in folders are not displayed when they are topped.
  4. Fix the bug that the search panel is wrong when triggering search again after displaying it.

2023-05-07 #

  1. Support drag and drop and paste for uploading files.

2023-05-05 #

  1. Add tag management function.
  2. Support setting tags for items.
  3. Support retrieving items by tags.
  4. Support downloading items in batches.

2023-04-14 #

  1. Record horizontal scrolling position when PDF scrolling.
  2. arse blg files.
  3. Add editor toolbar.
  4. Fix the bug that the document is not refreshed when git syncs to the web.

2023-04-14 #

  1. Record horizontal scrolling position when scrolling PDF.
  2. Parse blg files.
  3. Add editor toolbar.
  4. Fix the bug that the document is not refreshed when git syncs to web.

2023-04-07 #

  1. Add message function to send messages to collaborators.
  2. Add search function in the project.
  3. PDF preview remembers horizontal scrolling position.

2023-03-23 #

  1. Support TeX Live 2023.
  2. Support quick opening of already opened files.

2023-03-19 #

  1. Optimize the position of the Review History button displayed after selecting text from the top of the line to near the selected text.
  2. The formula preview button is changed from showing at the end of the line to showing at the top, which requires the user to put the cursor into the formula first.
  3. The search panel supports displaying the number of matches and the current match position.

2023-01-10 #

  1. Fix the bug of duplicate display when highlighting pdf position.
  2. Fix the bug that the jump is invalid when opening a new document and setting the code position.

2023-01-04 #

  1. Add the configuration of automatic line break on/off.
  2. When compile log error message is displayed in the document, the error message is only displayed when the left icon is hovered.
  3. Fix the bug that the highlighting effect is not displayed after Grammarly is enabled.
  4. Synchronize editing data to the server before compiling.

2022-12-28 #

  1. Add the configuration to switch on/off the compile cache.
  2. When the master file does not exist, prompt the user after compilation.
  3. Add the configuration of stopping compilation in case of error.
  4. Optimize the processing speed of pasting large text.

2022-12-12 #

  1. The All New LaTeX editor is launched.
  2. Integrate Grammarly.
  3. Auto-completion support for bib files.
  4. Support for real-time preview of formulas in documents.
  5. Add PDF loading animation.
  6. Show unpaired brackets.
  7. Automatic detection of LaTeX compilers when uploading LaTeX projects.
  8. Support for compiling LaTeX projects with multiple master files (Ctrl + Enter / Cmd + Enter).
  9. Support for multi-selection bolding (Ctrl + B / Cmd + B).
  10. The Synchronization of LaTeX code and PDF positions with Opt/Alt + Click support.
  11. LaTeX editor-related settings changed to take effect globally.

2022-10-11 #

  1. The Basic Edition package has been added to the subscription plan.
  2. After purchasing the package, the rights to document editing history are automatically granted to collaborators.
  3. Optimize the document editing history processing logic to show the document modification history instantly after clicking Refresh.

2022-10-05 #

  1. Optimize the compilation log display and add more log information.

  1. Support editing history by collaborator, add detail function to show specific editing location.

2022-10-01 #

  1. Add a button for bi-directional synchronization of LaTeX code and PDF positions.
  2. LaTeX code and PDF position synchronization in both directions with Opt/Alt + click.

2022-09-30 #

  1. Support for macro package nomencl pgfplots.
  2. Fix the bug of duplicate login status when logging in from multiple ends.
  3. Fix a bug that occasionally reports an error when updating project settings.